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We Dominate opportunities. We train with Authority. We are Dominion Sports.

Lisa & Michael Weisz 

“Our son is a high school senior who will attend college at Stevens Institute in the fall , a DIII school. To prepare for the late summer tryouts, he needed to improve his speed and 60-yard time so he began his training with Mike this winter. In about a 10-week timeframe, he has felt the difference of Mike's training and we have seen it in action now on the diamond. Not only has he already beaten out a few infield hits just by being faster but the overall core training Mike has provided to help make our son faster has delivered many additional benefits. Footwork in the field is smooth and effortless and continues to improve and become the norm. Likewise, his pitching has benefited greatly from his strong core and increased athleticism with a noticeable increased velocity and ability to pound the strike zone as well as more effective breaking balls. Mike's training has not only increased our sons speed which was the goal, but made him a much more fluid athlete and improved his game overall. Mike continues to push him and challenge him with new drills and exercises every visit and we intend to keep this training going as long as possible! In addition to the physical training, Mike has provided the support and encouragement our son needed to bring his performance to the next level. Mike's work ethic provides an excellent role model for any young athlete. We are very grateful for the opportunity for our son to train with him!” 

Fred & Gina Lopez

“Michael Patterson gave my son, Andrew, a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and knew what regimen my son needed to obtain his goals. During workouts he was very patient and encouraged my son to work hard and never give up. I would recommend Michael Patterson to anybody who is looking for a trainer.” 

Andrew Mangal

“My experience with Michael Patterson was great. He was very encouraging and positive during workouts and I was able to achieve my goals. He is also very knowledgeable and knew exactly what training I needed. I will definitely be seeing Michael in the off season!” 

Nick Weisz

“I am an 18 year old baseball player that has spent countless hours training and working on having the perfect swing, s trongest arm, and softest hands. The one thing I needed was speed. After meeting Mike in the fall of 2014 I began speed training with him in the winter and have continued since. From the time I have met him, Mike has become my coach, trainer, and friend. The results of his workouts have been nothing short of amazing. He has turned me from someone with below average speed into an athlete that can run step for step with almost all my peers. Not only have his workouts made me faster, it also has made me a better overall athlete by allowing me to be lighter on my feet, to jump higher, and be more agile. Thank you so much Mike!” 

Jerry Smith Jr.

(New Jersey City University Head Baseball Coach) 

"As a college athlete, Michael understood the difference between earned over given. Michael has achieved success both on and off the field by investing a number of dedicated hours working on his craft. It is this understanding of what it takes, coupled with his high character that will make Michael an exceptional option to prepare you in all aspects of the game--speed, weight training, and hitting. His knowledge of all areas comes from an array of coaching he has had along his long and successful career as a player. He in turn used this experience to develop his own philosophy." 

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