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Our Vision

Dominion Sports Training LLC is among the most elite training companies in the state of New Jersey. DST is a rapidly growing faith based organization guided by Christian principles. DST is the path that will lead to your professional platform.  Dominion Sports Training has the most experienced and professional team to help each athlete reach their individual and unique goals. We have created a core network of sports training professionals who know what the next level looks like. 


DST trains along side of former Pittsburg Pirate, William Pennyfeather of Sweet Spot Baseball/Softball. With over 30 years of experience, William Pennyfeather is connected with MLB Coaches, and Scouts. DST and Sweet Spot partner together to make sure each athlete is mechanically sound with maximum strength, speed, and coordination resulting in optimal sport performance.


Dominion Sports Training is the result of Michael Patterson (Founder and CEO) and Alison Patterson's (Director of Operations), desire to develop athletes both intellectually and physically. "We have Major League mindsets" says Michael Patterson. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient results through our various training programs. DST's athletes are pushed past their desired goals to discover their maximum potential.  "People fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit" - Les Brown

Michael Patterson

I'm Michael Patterson, Founder & CEO of Dominion Sports Training LLC. I began the company in 2016 with the idea of finding passionate athletes and providing them with the knowledge and environment to become great. As a New Jersey State Trooper I've learned to push past boundaries and discover new limits.. I've also excelled in many sports throughout my life which aids me in connecting with the athletes we train. Developing my work ethic and competitive edge throughout college baseball assisted me in getting National recognition, and presenting you with Dominion Sports Training!


Alison Patterson

I'm Alison Patterson, Co-owner and Director of Operations here at Dominion Sports Training LLC. My husband and I hold the values and moral standards which create a trustworthy partnership and learning environment for the athletes. My professional background as a High School Teacher and former athlete allows me to reach aspiring athletes on their level and provide them with the drive it takes to exceed their goals. Welcome to Dominion Sports Training where we train the mind, body and soul to dominate.


Director of Operations/ Co-Owner

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Our NASM certified personal trainers use the Optimal Performance Training Model, (OPT), as a method to producing a well rounded athlete. This model is one of the industry's first comprehensive training systems based on scientific, evidence-based research. The OPT Model consists of five phases of training. Each phase is introduced with solid precepts. Additionally, it must be thoroughly mastered before the client can move on to the next phase of training. Using this strategy allows us to train and produce top performing athletes. 

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